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Hey there fellow being!


My name is Noah LaStella. I picked up the passion of photography & filming back in 2014 and ever since then I haven't looked back. Through my work I plan to inspire others to capture the world from their own perspective, as everyone in this world sees everything from their own viewpoint. I find magic in the process of creation. It's one of the few ways we can express our being in the physical & digital space.  

My films are a safe space to express the emotions in this realm of consciousness. I want you to really feel them out, go deeper, and question the norms. What makes you feel alive and why aren't you chasing that? You can create your own story so why wait, start NOW! 

My photos are collection of abstract findings. I've noticed my mind is set to "Auto" as if I see the world in it's perfect composition, frame by frame as I roam freely on this plane of existence. In my gallery you will also find a collection of raw moments of the beautiful wildlife on Earth. All animals in our ecosystem communicate through vibrational & energetic expression. Once you understand how these beautiful creatures communicate you will realize they are a mere reflection of your own being.

Love & Light <3

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